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"Banco de Vida": the first public stem cell bank in Chile

Date : April 01, 2011

aBanco de Vida

Addressing other subject, Alejandro Weinstein enhanced the good performance of the “Banco de Vida” that operates in Chile thanks to the CFR Genomika Foundation and to the donations made by the maternity hospital of Hospital Clinico Universidad Católica and Clínica Santa Maria.   

“This is the first public stem cell bank in Chile; in 2009 was performed the first successful stem cells transplant stored in the Bank, and this month justified its creation to help save the life of a child of only five years who had a congenital anaemia and received a transplant of stem cells from a compatible umbilical cord, the only hope of cure for this disease.”  
Alejandro Weinstein, who leads the CFR Genomika Foundation, added “we are going to continue working in the Foundation and the Life Bank in these issues because we are facing a discipline that is at the edge of knowledge and that presently offers treatment possibilities for formerly incurable diseases.  More over, our concerns at the Foundation are underprivileged children that need improving their serious conditions, and that, without our support they would not have access to these treatments.”

About CFR Pharmaceuticals

The CFR Pharmaceutical Group is the first multinational laboratory in Chile (almost 70 percent of its incomes comes from subsidiaries located outside of Chile, where its headquarters is) and is present in eighteen countries around the world. In 2011 shall have ten modern plants in four of those countries, strengthening its current position as the first Latin American laboratory with worldwide presence and own research.

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